Original packaging for genuine spare parts

Original packaging for genuine spare parts

Hamworthy Pumps is making it easier to distinguish between genuine spare parts and unauthorised products with a new, recognisable packaging design.


Genuine spare parts are a prerequisite if you, as a shipowner, want to maintain the quality and reliability that a Hamworthy pump stands for.


However, when customers need to buy parts, it can often be difficult for them to distinguish between genuine spare parts and unauthorised products. In fact, on several occasions, Hamworthy Pumps has encountered customers who have bought unauthorised spare parts in the belief that they were original Hamworthy Pumps products.


“In several cases, we have been called out to ships to repair damage caused by poor spare parts. This is a major problem for customers who need reliable pumps during discharge, which is why we have developed a new, recognisable design for our packaging that will remove any doubts for customers. Our message is that a genuine spare part can only be bought from Hamworthy Pumps and not elsewhere,” says Morten Christian Larsen, Director, Service & Aftersales at Svanehøj Group.


The components in a Hamworthy pump are made from premium-quality materials and are designed to fit the exact tolerances and profiles of our specialised deepwell pumps. The components are suited for the most demanding applications and are continuously improved in order to keep up with the latest innovations in hydraulic efficiency.


Read more: https://www.hamworthy-pumps.com/service/oem-spare-parts/


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