Hamworthy Pumps wins contract for new US Navy vessel

Hamworthy Pumps wins contract for new US Navy vessel

Satisfied customer orders more pumps. For the fourth time, Hamworthy Pumps has been selected as a supplier for a John-Lewis-class oil tanker.


In December 2020, the fourth vessel under the so-called John Lewis class (TAO-205) programme will be delivered to the US Navy, and for the fourth time, Hamworthy Pumps is the pump supplier.

Hamworthy Pumps will deliver a total of 42 pumps for the new replenishment tanker as a subcontractor of Wärtsilä Defense Inc. The two companies work closely together on deliveries to the government market in the United States and Canada, and this order is a result of the strong relationship between the two companies.

For Wärtsilä Defense, Hamworthy Pumps is the obvious choice as pump supplier for this project following the successful co-operation on the first three John-Lewis-class vessels. The combination of high product quality, competitive prices and good all-round service makes Hamworthy Pumps a preferred supplier of pumps for the highly specialised military vessels.


More John-Lewis-class projects in the pipeline 

The US Navy has previously announced plans to produce a total of 20 replenishment tankers under the John-Lewis-class programme, named after the American civil rights leader John Robert Lewis. With four John-Lewis-class tankers on their CV now, Hamworthy Pumps have put themselves in a strong position for when suppliers for the next ships in the programme are to be selected.

The John-Lewis-class vessels are a new class of replenishment oiler ships, designed to replace the US Navy’s existing fleet of Henry-J-Kaiser-class tankers.

The vessels will be used to transfer fuel to navy surface ships at sea in order to extend the endurance of the ships and aircraft. A John-Lewis-class vessel has the capacity to carry 156,000 barrels of oil, including biofuels, and will be fitted with a helideck. The ship can also supply ammunition, fresh water, lubricants, and dry cargo.


Facts: What Hamworthy Pumps will deliver:

Main cargo pump (10 units)

Seawater cooling pump (3 units)

Low temp fresh water cooling pump (3 units)

Chilled water circ pump (3 units)

Fire pump (4 units)

Main bilge pump (2 units)

Ballast pump (2 units)

Ship service hot water circ pump (2 units)

HVAC hot water pump (2 units)

Cargo potable water pump (2 units)

E-stream cooling water pump (2 units)

Grey water transfer pump (2 units)

HVAC water heater circulating pump (2 units)

Aux seawater service pump (1 unit)

Reducing agent transfer pump (2 units)


The pumps are designed according to ASTM-F998 and ASTM-F1511 standards,

and the potable water pumps are designed to comply with NSF372.


View PDF_Client Case – US Navy John Lewis

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