Experienced manager is the backbone in project development

Experienced manager is the backbone in project development

Hamworthy Pumps has dedicated and loyal employees with long seniority. One of the employees who has been working at the pump manufacturer for the longest time is Project Management Manager Toh Thye Kwong. For a quarter of a century, his workplace has been at Hamworthy Pumps.


Toh Thye Kwong is the backbone of the Project Department. He is involved in the projects from start to finish to ensure that the projects develop according to plan. He oversees all the Project Engineers and Project Managers.


– I ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. I confirm the preparation of certified drawings, documentation, and progress report for submission to the customer, says Toh.

Toh has worked in the offshore and marine industry all his working life. First at a shipyard for 16 years and since 1996 at Hamworthy Pumps.


Expanding business

During his 25 years of service, Hamworthy Pumps has changed ownership and name on several occasions. At the same time, the product portfolio has also been expanded. Over time Hamworthy Pumps has added waste treatment systems, fire-fighting systems, and fire water pump packages to the product range.


This has given Toh Thye Kwong a wider palette of projects to keep track of.


– I’m Involved in the co-ordination of factory acceptance testing and involved in the preparation of packing lists, orders, and shipping documents, says Toh.






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