Engine room pumps (Navy)

Engine room pumps are critical for your operations. The costs of pump failures such as loss of engine cooling water are high. That’s why Hamworthy pumps are built for ultimate reliability, accessibility and efficiency in the toughest operating conditions. Highest quality materials, proven simplicity of design and responsive support add up to pumps you can trust absolutely as thousands of vessels around the world do.

Where an operating requirement is not fulfilled by one of our centrifugal pumps, Hamworthy Pumps offers a wide range of pumps, including screw and gear pumps, from partner suppliers to provide a complete pump package for your application.

Naval Pump Solutions

Hamworthy Pumps has a long history as a supplier for naval vessels and well-known for its reliability,
durability and meeting special demands towards noise reduction and vibration resilience.

We are confident with our compliance to the stringent requirement and have references from both UK and
US military highly specialized naval vessels.

We supply advanced pump technology for all types of military vessels such as:

  • Destroyers, frigates. corvettes
  • Submarines
  • Fleet support vessels
  • Aircraft carrier

Tailor-made Naval pump solutions

At Hamworthy Pumps we work collaboratively with our com*tent client and project management team
members to ensure that every requirement is fulfilled. from the initial CAD design stage right through to the
certification and hand over.

We can meet most of the Special requirements and are noise and vibration tested to make sure they operate
quietly and able to withstand certain magnitude of shock from arduous little situations.

We can design whole ship marine pump solutions for new build projects. from engine room pumps (ERP) to
diesel driven fire pumps (DOFP) and obsolete equipm.ent replacement præramrnes.

Pump with cartridge seal

Hamworthy Pumps has developed upgraded versions of the pumps fitted with cartridge npchanical seals which offers various benefits:

  • improved serviceability and flexibility solution
  • fast turnaround using preassembled seal cartridges
  • easy maintenance as the seal comes as a set comprising of seal gland fastened to pump with four bolts
  • flexible option of single or double mechanical sed depending which fluid is used. either pumping cargo oil or hazardous fluids
  • lower risk of failure caused by impro#r installation which occurs for compnent mechanical seals

For Axial split pumps, the cartridge seal can removed without need for splitting the pump. This greatly reduces the time needed for pump servicing.

An unrivalled mix of advantages

Integrated logistic support (ILS)
Reliability, availability, maintainability and system safety are central to every solution. We ensure both easy access to and less need for support throughout our pump systems lifecycle.

Field service
Our highly skilled engineers can be on-site within 24 hours with fast and effective root cause analysis and repair. We are also always ready to service when the ships dock.

On-site training
We offer on-site training of your crew in operation and general maintenance of your pump solution. This will ensure efficiency and reduce maintenance

Spare parts inventory management
We help you optimise your stock levels with spare parts and dedicated spare parts kits for your pumps guaranteeing optimum
performance and minimising critical downtime

Maintenance managing assessment
We offer thorough assessments of installations. including recommendations for future maintenance, spare part replacements and material upgrades and adjustments that will enhance performance and minimise failures and downtime.

Technical assistance
Our support hotline can reach 24/7. Thanks to our extensive global network. we are available at all times and all locations, worldwide. Our engineers can be on-site within 24 hours in case of outages of failures.

Maintenance, repair & conversion
We can maintain, repair and replace any pump solution. We even engineer and fabricate solutions for Other pump brands including replacement pumps, adaptors and fittings.


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