Exhaust gas cleaning pumps

Our extensive experience in providing quality pump solutions to the marine industries has enabled us to gain a solid foundation for understanding and know-how of the technology of marine pumps. We know the processes, and we recognise the impact each pump has on the efficient operation of the Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGC) Systems, especially the scrubbing water and wash water pumps operating in aggressive and challenging conditions.

The dirt particles, chemicals, and heat encountered require high-quality pump materials and components to ensure uninterrupted operations and long service life. We pay special attention to these applications in all our design and engineering development work. With a focus on continuous development, we are constantly upgrading our pumps to ensure enhanced reliability and the best possible performance.

An Effective Exhaust Gas Scrubber Relies On Robust, High Efficiency Pumps At The Heart Of The Systems

From January 1st,2020 the Sulphur Limit for fuels used onboard ships outside ECAs will reduce to 0.5%. This will have significant environmental and health benefits by reducing the amount of Sulphur oxides emissions from ships.

Ships can comply to the regulations by using low sulphur fuel or by installing an exhaust gas cleaning system.

Pump is a core component of a exhaust gas cleaning system and our range of EGC pumps will help ship owners and operators to meet current legislation, and to protect the environment.

Regardless of Open Loop, Closed Loop or Hybrid System, Hamworthy Pumps has the right pump solution for your Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems.

Hamworthy Pumps supplied the first pump for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems in 2010 and have supplied in excess of 700 pumps for this application. Our range of products are purposely designed and engineered for the arduous scrubbing water applications.

The compact size pumps with low NPSHr and high efficiency are also reliable with low lifecycle costs. The series of super duplex (CE3MN, PREN>40) pumps with carefully selected composite materials are well suited to handle aggressive wash water which can reach temperatures up to 60 degC, pH as low as 2.5 with increased solid contents which is both corrosive and abrasive in nature.

The standard seawater pumps are also made using the highest bronze grade, Nickel Aluminium Bronze (C95800), to ensure reliability in these harsh conditions.

Hamworthy Pumps is a trusted and renowned cargo pump manufacturer with more than 100 years of experience

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