Between bearings pumps which can operate in both vertical inline foot mounted and horizontal installations. Available in both single and two stage impeller. Compact axially split casing design with double suction capabilities with low NPSH requirement.

Capacity: 800-4500 m3/h
Differential pressure: up to 40 mlc.

Capacity: 100-400 m3/h
Differential pressure: up to 120 mlc.

Fluid barrier protection of the mechanical seals

Hamworthy Pumps model CA single stage centrifugal pumps for marine application are manufactured in both vertical and horizontal designs and the selected pump speed varies between 600 rpm and 1800 rpm according to head and capacity requirements to ensure a good N.P.S.H. value. The pumps are designed for high efficiency and reliable suction performance and they are noted for their robust construction and operating reliability. The casing is axially split with both suction and discharge flanges on the lower half, or rear half in vertical execution. The short amply dimensioned stainless steel shaft runs in grease lubricated deep groove ball bearings. The impeller is hydraulically balanced and with double entry.

A feature exclusive to the Hamworthy CA pump is the fluid barrier protection of the mechanical seals. This seal lubrication system ensures that regardless of pumping
conditions, the seal faces cannot normally run dry. This extends their life significantly, improving the pump reliability and reducing maintenance time and costs.



Compact axially split casing design with double suction capabilities and low NPSH requirement.


Ballast, Fresh/Sea Water Cooling, Sea Water Lift and Oil Transfer

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