Emergency Fire Pumps

Hamworthy Pumps can provide purpose built emergency fire pump solutions for navy applications. Both electric driven and diesel driven fire pump solutions designed to keep in operation even in the toughest conditions. Submersible motor solutions is also available, depending on project requirements.

Hamworthy Pumps has a whole range of designs for emergency fire pumps for navy vessels such as frigates, destroyers, fleet support vessels and aircraft carriers. Diesel driven fire pumps with integral diesel tank, ensures that the fire pump can be started even in case of a blackout. The diesel driven fire pump is fitted with electric motor starter and with optional emergency hand crank starting.

Hamworthy Pumps can deliver both horizontal or vertical emergency fire pumps for navy customers. The pump design can be shock proof with shockmounting. Motors can be submersible to enable operation even in case of flooding of the pump compartment.

Testing of the emergency fire pumps is carried out at our Singapore plant where we have a big test station facility capable of testing all types of pumps.

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