Cargo Oil & Ballast Pumping Systems

Our cargo pumping systems are trusted by many ship owners because of our unique blend of quality and reliability, coupled with an ongoing research and development programme to accomplish all the expectations in the market. Today, many ships equipped with our pumps are in daily operation worldwide are benefiting from of our high quality products and widespread service network.

Compact design, High Efficiency

Characterised by a separate pump room in front of the engine room, our cargo oil and ballast pumping system offers easy access for inspection and maintenance as well as great flexibility in choice of prime mover. Our cargo oil and ballast pumping system has unmatched capability, with compact configurations for optimum pump room layout, combined with high operational efficiency. Our pumps able to operate at optimum performance during any unloading conditions, resulting in higher total system efficiency and lower power consumption.

System Supplies – Typical Scope

The Cargo Handling System may come as an integrated package consisting of:

  •  Cargo pumps
  • Ballast pumps
  • Drivers – steam, electric or diesel-based
  • Auto stripping systems
  • Remote cargo valve control
  • Condition monitoring

Auto Stripping Systems

PA Priming and capacity regulating system convert any centrifugal pump into a self-primed unit for optimal discharge capacity and stripping performances to reduce total discharge time to an absolute minimum.

The main components are air/gas separators with built-in strainers, vacuum pump units, capacity regulating valves and the latest within PLC based all electric control units.

Cargo Control Systems

The system is capable of handling all control, alarm and monitoring functions required for all components included in the cargo unloading system. All necessary control stations both local and remote in Cargo Control Room (CCR) are included.


  • Monitor and control all vital functions such as bearing temperature readout, alarm and shut off point
  • Improved safety – alarms and shut-downs
  • Simplify operator’s job - better overview
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Modern PLC based – easy maintenance
  • Easy re-programming
  • Standard components – good availability

We have more than 100 years’ of experience as liquid cargo offloading pumps maker and have developed unparalleled design and technology, making our pump solutions the best, safest, and most reliable on the market.

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